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Originally Posted by JediMasterJambi
it was their job to remove the Joke/Tease statments from a heated debate. Whether or not it was found offensive by them. It was apprent that Phile found it offensive.
Uh, no. One complaint about an obviously non-insulting joke does not qualify for removal of content. If we'd received more complaints however, it would have been removed. But seeing as pretty much every other member thought it wasn't a problem, it was left alone. And it did serve a bit of a purpose, some members seem to take themselves too seriously, they need to calm down and be better posters. Nerd rage -1.

Originally Posted by Jediphile
I did what Niner did.
No you didn't, you quoted his post (in another thread) and did so in a taunting fashion. If this wasn't your intent, then you need to learn how to phrase things better. Your post was deleted because it clearly served no purpose, the on-topic discussion was easily seen as tacked on to make yourself appear innocent.

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