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Originally Posted by Jediphile
Ah, now you put your foot in it. You know full well that I posted to several PMs to both Darth333 and tk102 on this very matter.

In short, you're just plain wrong. I DID use the PM system. That especially Darth333 preferred to just ignore me is a big part of the problem here. And yes, those PMs can be produced to prove this.
I answered very politely to your initial PM that was already, and that was our first "personal" contact to the best of my knowledge, treating me as a nazi and saying that my title was fitting. Your response to my PM was to the effect that you had a very low opinion of me. Since I am so worthless in your opinion and even if I had prepared a very polite answer to your response, I didn't send it as I thought that it was pointless to even try to further discuss the situation with you based on what you wrote to me and what you had previously sent to other mods in the past. Next time you want a follow up on your PMs, lay off the personal insults.

Also, there's a whole difference between "nerd", "nazi" and "bigot". Feel free to discuss a decision with the mods if you wish but I will ask you to remain polite and to stop making gratuitous insults in your PMs and posts. Even if they did not necessarily agreed with you in the past, nowhere the mods have called you such names. There is no need to resort to that kind of language.

edit: if you are talking about the PM you sent me today, you had already posted the present thread ( which is a copy of what was in my mailbox ) when I saw the PM.
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