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Name: N-3 "Beskar'gam" or "Besk"
Age: 13 Standard Years; 26 Clone Years
Species: Human clone
Home Planet: Kamino/Corusant
Occupation: Null ARC Lieutenant
Stature: 6ft. 3in. 174 lbs.
Weapons: Verpine Shatter-gun, DC-17, Vibroblade(hidden in gauntlet)
Vehicles: None except for Transportation
Bio: Besk was one of the second batch of clones known as the Nulls, born and trained on Kamino. This group of clones were gentically enhanced to be slightly bigger and stronger than the normal clone troopers, but failed to follow orders and deemed unpredictable by clone standards. Null 3 known as Besk was only one of 12 trained by Jango Fett and Sergeant Kal Skirata. Fett took Nulls 1-4, while Skirata took Nulls 5-12. Fett nicknamed him Beskar'gam which Mandolarian translates into "iron skin". Fett named him that because of his resilience to hard hits. After he was shipped off to Geonosis he lost only two squad members out of his 36 out of his platoon. He was then staioned to Ryloth to help stop the CIS from gainig more territories. He was finally shipped to Coruscant to help end the CIS terrorist network.

our minivan
our nanny
me going a little crzy with the gun
dad and me, good times
my T.V.
my teacher
my bro
my limodriver
my grand daddy
me going a little crzy with the gun, again

It's a crazy life
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