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What If?

Alright, alright. Let me pose a question to El Sitherino, Darth333, ED.

What if the Nerd Rage comment HAD been removed?
No one would have complained. I wouldn't have been a big deal at all, infact.
Jediphile would have been statisfied.
No one would have lost any face. (Because this is apprent that is what this is all about now.)
The comment was complained about, just 1 complaint or not. And look what has happened because no action was taken?
All this commotion was stirred up.
The 4 I mentioned above all believe the comment stated as a joke. And so what if it was? Jokes can be found VERY offensive at times. At certain times its also VERY inconsiderate, and inappropriate to make a joke.
Just because it was a joke dosen't mean everyone found it funny.
Consider your opinons not to be absolute.
Consider Jediphile actually took the joke as offensive.

Originally Posted by El Sitherino
Uh, no. One complaint about an obviously non-insulting joke does not qualify for removal of content. If we'd received more complaints however, it would have been removed. But seeing as pretty much every other member thought it wasn't a problem, it was left alone. And it did serve a bit of a purpose, some members seem to take themselves too seriously, they need to calm down and be better posters. Nerd rage -1.
Thats your mere opinon. Not fact. Nerd Rage -1? I won't even point out the issue with that statement. Beside the fact that your a Moderator, and you should know better.

Nine, I like your stance on things here. The man is looking to settle the argument with compromise, not just add wood to the flames. I agree with the comment you made above 101%, full support.

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