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Just Looking For Understanding

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Given his dislike of the staff, Jediphile would likely have found some other post to take issue with and demand the removal of. I think it was really a sooner or later occurrence.
ED, please, your personal opinon shows here of what you think of JediPhile. And thus why you entered your 2 cents into the thread in the first place. Its obvious from that statement you don't like his attitude much.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Point in case? It isn't your proviso to make me feel satisfied with your posts. If I don't like the content I can see if more people than me feel the same way (at which point it goes from me thinking my opinion should dictate how people act to a legitimate cause for concern the forums have), add you to my ignore list, or just suck it up and not demand you change your posting style to make me feel better. The same goes for these forums at large. They have no obligation to make anyone who posts here happy. If you like them you can stay, if you don't like them then you should leave. One person is not reason for dozens more to change their behaviors. Simple as that.
Why? Why shouldn't I try to make you as satisfied as possible with my ideas and you vice-versa? I think more understanding in this world would be a good thing.
Very negative thinking there ED. Like it or leave, huh? I won't say anymore than that on your opinon there.
Really? My friend, look at the history of the entire world. One person can definatley be a reason for dozens more to change their behaviors.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
If a child throws an inordinate tantrum should you reward it with candy to make it be quiet?
Why does a child throw a inordinate tantrum in the first place? Because its pissed off. Mabye it deserves some candy.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Neither are yours. That the majority of posters in this thread disagree with it should make that all the more pertinent.
Are you making an implication I SAID my opinon WAS fact? Because I didn't. I'm begining to think the majority of the posts in this thread are people who just plain dislike Jediphile's attitude, and are merley here to add wood to the flames in which to burn him.

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