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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
All right folks, before this thread completely degenerates out of control, remember that the forum rules apply to this thread as they do others. Name-calling (hypocrites, wolves, etc.) is flaming, so don't name-call, and keep the sarcasm under control. Either post according to the rules, don't post, or experience the consequences of posting in a way that breaks the rules.
Oh god! I called someone a wolf. When did moderators loose their thick skin? Its like the moderators have become either to dominating, or the 'rules' that uses as a guideline does not apply to them, or they have become so wimpy that they have to jump onto every post.

What in the name of the Force has happened? I don't remember having these issues when Chainz, RedHawke, or T7 were around on a daily basis.

Its like the new generation, some older, of moderators have become sinicle. What is wrong with you people?

Look at this thread. Not a single moderator has come in to accept responsibility, or disagreed with the other moderators, or anything. Its like a cult.

When have you seen a thread where a moderater has done something wrong, and another moderater has come in to disagree? "PUBLICLY"

We need a self-esteem and moral shot.

TK102, Rouge Nine, and Devon - What is your problem? People are getting into trouble because of posts that you have originally created. Grow some tolerance, show some responsibility, and grow up. Admit when you did something wrong, so we can get this place back to normality. You all have sins to resolve. Now is the time.

If we can admit our faults, the moderators can admit their faults.

Damit! use to be a fun place. What the hell went wrong!?

Originally Posted by JoeDoe 2.0
Well, just to drop my two cents in...

Jediphile : ...unless you interpret it VERY differently.

If you think you can no longer fit in here then maybe you should retreat to another forum as you yourself said, maybe take a break and come back.
What! Everyone is welcomed here. He has a right to his perspective. Even though his perspective of the events are different than yours, that does not mean that his views are wrong.

Visitors should not be owning the problems that belong to the moderators.

R.I.P. to 'The Source' and 'MacCorp'

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