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Originally Posted by JediMasterJambi
Alright, alright. Let me pose a question to El Sitherino, Darth333, ED.
What if the Nerd Rage comment HAD been removed?
No one else found that post insulting. Even other members who posted in the thread (Sicne the posts were rather lenghty and off-topic they have been deleted to bring the Bioware/LA thread back on topic) agreed with that. Also, you may see only these posts about the "nerd rage" but there is history behind.

In short, while we have sometimes accomodated Jediphile in the past, it is never enough. Unfortunately, we can't start micro managing the boards according to everyone's whim and sensitivity. Not only it becomes awfully suggestive but if we do it for Jediphile we should do it for others as well and if we were to delete threads, posts and commment everytime someone feels offended, we would be deleting a lot of threads and posts (and likely all the religion threads as some people complain that they find them offensive). As I said above, everything is potentially offensive to someone. I don't count the times where people call each other "nerd" on these boards and it is a generally accepted practice by the community (it's a SW and gaming forum after all!).

That being said, if we think a request to delete or edit is justified according to the forum rules and not a simple whim, we will comply with it, and that applies to Jediphile just as everyone else. When the Source says "grow some tolerance" it should apply to everyone, not only to the staff.

Also, notwithstanding the above, we tend to be more collaborative when members make their requests in a civil manner instead of sending PMs full of insults (that would have earned a ban if they were made to any other non staff member but we went over that and took the time to answer politely) even before they make their requests (and I am not only talking about the current issue).

Finally, the mods are opened to compromise. We are all humans and can make mistakes sometimes, just as anyone else. In fact, we do discuss and review decisions regularly and reverse them when we deem it appropriate. When a member sends us a PM or reports a post, things are investigated and actions are taken when we deem that the forums rules have been broken. However, as mentioned above, we can't comply with every request and moderate the boards to please everyone.
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