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Originally Posted by The Source
Oh god! I called someone a wolf. When did moderators loose their thick skin?
We have fur, thanks. Woof woof.

Originally Posted by The Source
Look at this thread. Not a single moderator has come in to accept responsibility, or disagreed with the other moderators, or anything. Its like a cult.
We work out our disagreements in private. This thread deals with grievances a forum member has and as such, disagreements between moderators is immaterial to the discussion.

Originally Posted by The Source
When have you seen a thread where a moderater has done something wrong, and another moderater has come in to disagree? "PUBLICLY"
See above. Again, I do not understand why you have cause to be concerned with what happens between moderators.

Originally Posted by The Source
TK102, Rouge Nine, and Devon - What is your problem? People are getting into trouble because of posts that you have originally created. Grow some tolerance, show some responsibility, and grow up. Admit when you did something wrong, so we can get this place back to normality. You all have sins to resolve. Now is the time.
Firstly, you misspelled my name yet again. Please realize my name is 'Rogue', coming from the X-wing series of comics and novels of the same name. It is not 'rouge', because that refers either to the French word for 'red' or the make-up product that women wear. I spell your name correctly, all I ask is for the same courtesy in return.

Secondly, I have offered to compromise with Jediphile. I have admitted that I am often blunt and sarcastic, traits I am not exactly proud of. I am doing this in order to promote peace, rather than let this go on ad nauseum.

Thirdly, 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone.'

Thanks for your input.
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