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In that chatroom episode, you were being anonymous and making small remarks about another moderator. Someone asked, "Who is that making these remarks?" You didn't answer. Because your IP is viewable, I called you by name so that others would know who was making the comments. This infuriated you for reasons I could not comprehend and between a number of private exchanges it seemed your anger continued to grow -- that I was not respecting you somehow. I said I was not stirred to anger at anytime during our exchange. I did not use the most eloquent language in describing your actions and for that I am very sorry. But you left the chat before you saw that message.

Later you publicly posted that message as evidence that I am "a piece of work". For that I banned you for harassment both towards me and the original moderator.

This was to be a temporary ban. As I was ready to let bygones be bygones, it seemed that you wanted to make it into another persecution and have taken various steps to let others know how persecuted you are. Thus the ban continued to stay in place. Since then, however, you've returned to the chatbox.

I would like to put this in the past, but that is hard to do when you keep bringing it up.

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