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Question I know, it's been posted before: Account deletion.

I've scanned the site and these forums for about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to delete my account. One thread led to another, and the soon I found such a discussion:

One gentlemen politely request deletion of his account since he no longer used it. A user replied: "If you don't use your account, just leave, there's no need to delete it." The gentlemen replied again, insisting that his account be deleted.

At last an administrator aptly replied with a one word answer: "No." No expalanation of why, just simply no.

I'm not sure why there's no account deletion policy on this Web site, but I hope someone will reconsider. Google crawls this site and archives - well, everything - thus while Google searching my name, a thread came up from nearly six years ago, when I was freshman in high school, and stupidly posted my real name.

Frustrated (as I'm on the job hunt), I want only for it to be deleted, but now have reason to believe all I'll get is juvenille witicisms and one-word replies instead.

If not for me, but the sake of your users, I encourage administrators to please reconsider. On the administrative side, it's just good netiquette. I personally would like my account deleted, and hope someone can offer that courtesy to me.

If not, well - please advise.
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