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Originally Posted by Char Ell
The G92 version of the 8800 GTS debuted today. It's speced with a 256-bit bus like the 8800 GT but has bumped up timings for all three clocks and an additional 16 stream processors.

Anandtech's review of the 8800 GTS 512 says the 8800 GT is still the best bang for the buck though.

I still think NVIDIA should have named these cards 8900 GT and 8900 GTS. It seems a better fit to me since the die shrink has made such a performance difference from the 90 nm version of these GPU's.
Interesting review, I agree that the market is at a high right now, between $200-400 you're spoiled for choice when it comes to bang-per-buck GPUs nowadays, with nVidia still ruling the high end, it looks like Ati is swooping in from below (maybe getting ready to take the top too?)

To keep it in the GPU section:
Tri-Sli 8800 Ultras pwn Crysis at 1920x1200 with everything maxed!!!
Surprisingly it's a bunch of Germans that's managed this feat lolz

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