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Originally Posted by Negative Sun
To keep it in the GPU section:
Tri-Sli 8800 Ultras pwn Crysis at 1920x1200 with everything maxed!!!
Surprisingly it's a bunch of Germans that's managed this feat lolz
thats definitely interesting for the likes of me - but also dismaying as theres no way im building such a juice sucking pc - Tri sli boards I imagine are strictly ATX only, so imagine the PSU(s) required to power 3 8800s !!

I am not surprised at all about the krauts doing this. Germany is the home of some the worlds most talented overclockers..

crysis uber alles !!

I think its fantastic that just *one game* has thrown the hardware world into chaos, and given "the big two" some focus as to what they should be achieving. Its more than just the nutty enthusiast who wants a juiced system now, its the casual and moderate gamer as well. Im sure it also pleases MS as DX10/gaming is a major part of what vista's future adoption is riding on.

>>until nvidia/ati create a single card that can pull such a feat off, then I will be able to refrain from throwing more $$$ into my little black box


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