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As the 'no-name mechanic' brushed by her, examining Tsys's lightsabers in his hands, Kimber exchanged a guarded look with Lane.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa... wait just a minute here," she said, laying a hand on the mechanic's shoulder. "Upgrades?" she asked him. "Hey, Lane and I can tinker about with droids and machinery as much as the next spacer, not nearly as good as you, obviously, but enough to probably get something working. But lightsaber upgrades? I don't have even the foggiest clue about how a lightsaber can be upgraded." Her eyes narrowed slightly. "And neither should just a regular ship's 'mechanic', unless there was some sort of 'Jedi equipment maintenance home-study/correspondence course' that you took," she added, sounding suspicious. "Now, I'm not accusing you of being something that you're not, but if we are going to take down this Bastila person, everyone here needs to trust each other. Completely. So, spill it, Spanner-boy. Just where did you learn your 'Jedi' repair skills?"

Her brow raised inquiringly as she waited for him to answer.

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