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Thanks SWR. I try my best.


Chapter 5

The boulder was tumbling closer and closer at ever gaining. It rolled with no mercy, crushing all in its way as the loud rumbling's volume became higher and higher the closer it became. Then with a spring of surprise Rebecca leaped one way and Jamie leaped the other. They hovered in the air. It was crazy! Cory and Mike stopped and turned around to watch sharply. Just when the boulder was almost between them they both shouted:

"Steel Power double!" Jamie and Becca grew a shining silver light. It was enthralling. It shined like the standing sun. It was the most impeccable thing Cory and Mike had ever seen. They were covered in silver armour that were at least three or four inches thick. They looked alot stronger. Both were so much taller, broader and very regal looking. They both jumped forward swiftly and kicked the boulder with force. It looked like there was no damage done to it. Cory and Mike frowned. Was this all a dream? A nightmare possibly? Kicking a boulder wasn't going to do any good! It just kept on rolling, it seemed faster.

Cory and Mike didn't bother running. They were stuck in this weird world ready to be killed sooner or later. They couldn't out run the fast pace of the tumbling boulder.

"This is where it ends my friend" shouted Cory a tear tricking down his eye. They felt hot air pressing against them. Suddenly there was a large crack. Then a blast of explosion as tiny sharp rocks pierced Cory and Mike's chests blowing them back with extreme force.

Cory looked up weakly. The boulder was gone, now in tiny little shattered rock pieces. Jamie and Rebecca were running forward in their silver armour with worried looks.

Jamie grabbed Mike with one hand and pulled him up with no effort. Same with Rebecca.

"Ahhh" moaned Cory wearily. Mike however Cory was worse off. A very sharp rock was stuck into his neck. Blood was trickling down his neck like a small waterfall.

"Cory this going to hurt" Becca said frowning. She was afraid she would kill him if she just pulled it out. She gulped.

"Jamie you do it!" she screamed. Jamie stepped forward reluctantly. He was unsure.

"Sorry Cory, if you die, I didn't mean to kill you" laughed Jamie unenthusiastically. Everyone was feeling tense. A sweat dropped from the tip of a hair on Jamie's head. He licked his lips, and closed his eyes.

Jamie wrapped his fingers round it. The smooth rock felt rough on his cut fingers. He then took a breath and pulled hard.

"AAAAAAAAH!" screamed Cory like a hawk and he fell to the floor motionless

Rebecca screamed and Jamie jumped back in horror with the red stone in his hands as Cory hit the floor with a thud. Mike stared down at him horror struck.

"You bloody git!" he shouted charging at Jamie with everything he had. Jamie didn't want to fight, but he had to teach Mike this was not his fault.

Mike tried to grapple him, but with Jamie in his armour mode he simply pushed him back and shoved him onto the ground.

"This is not Jamie's fault!" Rebecca hollowed.
"If I left it that way he would have died, and died in pain" Jamie mumbled feeling far too guilty.
"Yes, so letís not end up killing each other, we have not even walked two hundred yards and look at the state we're in, and we need to be prepared, what if Leroy and Emma have some weird trap up ahead of us!"

Mike kneeled down and put his ear onto Cory's heart. One beat.... none after that.

"He's actually dead" sighed Mike sniffling. His face was blank. This was more than a nightmare.
"No dwelling, the more we dwell the worse it's going tofeel!" Becca shouted turning away from the body as tears left her eyes.

They turned around without looking at him and walked on sadly. They walked for a mile or so. They made a turn and there was four figures fighting gallantly. Two were Leroy and Emma. They were easily recognisable in their shady outfits. The other two they did not know. The other two figures were completely cloaked, one tall and one small.

"Why did you roll that boulder at us?" Emma screamed swinging her sword vigorously and the very tall figure blocked it easily in a defence stance.

"It wasn't for you; it was for the pests who were trying to kill you!" All the fighting stopped. Leroy and Emma smirked calmly.

"Right on cue" laughed Leroy evilly.
"Oooh, where did the small one go?" Emma asked smiling fakely.
"He was killed by whoever rolled that boulder!" Jamie shouted raising a fist and going red with anger.

"That would be us" said the tall figure. He had an odd accent and was very tall. His partner seemed normal enough but alot smaller compared to his parnters tall shape.

"Trying to kill these two!" the small one said pointing at Leroy and Emma. He seemed angry.

"Wait, you have got it the wrong way round! We are inexperienced fighters! I donít even know them, my two friends here do and they said they were going to stop us from getting to Crystal City! So, we decided to stop them, so they would not ambush anyone else!"

Mike had made a good point and speech at this moment.

The two figures stepped back and whispered in low hushed voices.

"Ok, you five, Leroy, Emma, ginger, tall boy and blonde girl, fight! We can tell who's on what side by how you fight and your expressions! We are masters at judging! Normally anyway, and we can tell who's doing what here!" the tall one said eyeing the five carefully.

Leroy gasped and his eyes widened.

"We'll have to show no hatred and fight differently" he whispered to Emma cautiously.
"No, kill these three and then kill those two. Fight normally."

"Let battle commence!" the small one shouted.

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