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Nice one stinger, I hadn't heard of that before it should definitely be quite interesting for the budget end of the market, which is where most of the sales are anyways...

@ Astro: I wonder what PSU they used for that lolz

On a more serious note, I think GPUs have hit the same wall CPUs have, where it's not the pure horsepower of one chip that counts, but the combined strength of multiple cores working together, which is why (IMO) nVidia and Ati keep pushing their multi-GPU platforms and make X2 GPUs etc...
The heat barrier is one that's not easily overcome, and though die-shrinks can help, having multiple GPUs devide the weight helps even more to achieve great results, if they can only sort their drivers out before they actually release the bloody things!

Edit: Some more news for y'all

KDE 4 pwns GNOME and KDE 3.5
The fact that it looks sexier and uses less memory than a previous version and even GNOME is quite an amazing feat, we'll see what the verdict is when it gets released finally...

3-way Sli but only for 8800 GTX/Ultras
For those who have very deep pockets (1.1kW PSU, wtf?) and have a good deal with their electricity provider...At least it can handle Crysis though

Phenom 9900 + Spider platform reviewed...
What can I say? Whether we like it or not, Intel rules the scene atm, and there's no stopping them is there...
Though I am pleased that this platform shows promise, promise just isn't enough...A horse can show promise but at the end of the day if it just isn't fast enough it won't win the race...
I really really hope AMD take some feedback on board and learn learn learn from their mistakes (and Intel!)...Hope is not lost though, the HD2000 series was a disappointment to say the least, but the HD3800 series was spot on, so here's hoping Phenoms can do the same...

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