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I had a feeling an XP/Linux combo would be a popular choice so have started hammering out a guide for that too. Im going to be using the laregly unused 'kids pc' as my test box. Im hoping it will involve bits of step 1 and 3 above and a bit of bootlader tweaking again - but I'll see how I go. Similar to above, the guide will be from the perspective of a clean format and install of xp and linux. I have read enough to see that troublshooting problems that arise from preserving existing installs is a pain in the a$$. The chief problem being people that plunge into the dual boot for an existing setup caper often DON'T back up their stuff before doing so, and end up S.O.L and mad at Gates and the Penguin when they mess things up

Im very pleased to see NegSun being very prudent and backing his stuff up before he starts his dual boot adventures. Good work !

Going to the mac again - theres some interesting info about the legality of it all. Apparently you cannot legally implement an OSX on more than one 'apple computer' at a time(similar to single license windows OSs), but the interesting thing is the device has to be "an apple badged device" Apparently the rules dont exactly stipulate a detailed description of an apple badged device, making some wishful Hackintosh peeps, think that merely sticking an apple sticker on their pc covers them legally

Hence, due to the murky legalities of "Mac on PC", please keep your references to it as vague as possible ie. no one will be posting a guide about it here anytime soon! I do think its just a matter of time until this is standard practise though - Apple can boost sales if they ship this OS as standalone, and PC hardware devs can market their stuff as MAC/VISTA compatible. I dont see why Apple should get in such a huff about it, Apple users get bootcamp, we want our Hackintoshes ! Even more interesting are the benchies showing up from users running Mac on their PC - with the PC equivalent doing really well. I wont link to any such sites, but you can find them if you want to!

>>so, keep your eyes peeled for the xp/linux guide. will be up in the next day or so.


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