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thanks jmac

Im sure tk102 understands it - I have some questions on behalf of dualboot novices(who this is all aimed at really) !!

>how do you launch linux with no bootloader
>will this launch into linux by default , how can you change the default OS
>what distros will it work on. eg. any that use GRUB, like ubuntu ?\
>can you tell us a bit more about what Win32 GRUB does > how is it launched, how is it removed ?
>How exactly do you get to/edit the menu.lst file
>what are you meant to be looking for when you say "take note of the contents of /boot" can you give an example
>what are the advantages of doing it this way - ie. why do you like doing it that way
>do you have some screenies.
>can it accomodate a vista install in the same way

I know these might seem like dull questions to you, but for people doing this for the first time - its good to flesh out those details

* * *

I'll still post my xp guide when done. As above, it will be written with the first timer in mind. I think jmacs one is great for more advanced users (especially ones who like the geek chic of pasting blocks of code)

In *all* the sources I read about triple booting, there was always a bit that was glossed over or that didnt match another guide - so annoying! Its like learning math from a lazy teacher with an incomplete text book


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