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Originally Posted by tk102

That's not the way it happened ED. I confess I said the following privately to The Source:

"Are you going to continue to behave a like a dickhead, because if so, I'd prefer you leave."

Then later when The Source logged on he quoted that publicly in the chatbox along with "what a piece of work".

So there is our dirty laundry out in the open. I apologize again for using such language. It was early Sunday morning and hadn't had my coffee and this was the first thing I was dealing with. Not a good excuse but it's my only one.

This came after a series of other escalating private messages. When I saw it publicly posted, that was enough to warrant a ban for harassment since it was clear I was not getting through.
Thanks for the apology. Thats all I wanted. Because you came forward and admited fault, I am deeply greatful you took some responsibility. I can truely respect that.

I apologize for making this public, but I didn't get anywhere with you in private. It may have been due to the factor that we pissed each other off that day. Who knows.

Thanks man.

R.I.P. to 'The Source' and 'MacCorp'
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