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great stuff Ray

How about surplanting one distro for another. Say I dont want to play with ubuntu anymore and replace with sabayon....

Would it be
From Vista >> remove the ubuntu entry from easy bcd and reformat the partitions from either disk management or through the sabayon partition manager itself ?

From XP >> restore MBR from recovery console > and reformat the partitions from either disk management in xp or through the sabayon partition manager itself?? >>I notice sabayon uses gpart, and has a quite user friendly way of selected what you want grub to do when it comes to the loader - eg, if you wanted to load XP first.

I know its not the most popular distro, but bravo sabayon for things like that to make life easier for the lesser experienced in affairs linux.

* * *

Having just completed a XP+Ubuntu install, I can report I did it identically to steps 1 and 3 in the original guide. You end up with GRUB, listing XP Pro rather than "windows vista/longhorn (loader)"

If you want to make XP your default/first boot option >>
In Ubuntu you can also tweak the GRUB bootloader settings. To do this you need to bring up the *blegh* Terminal window (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) and type the following into the window:

sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst

Hit ENTER and then type in your password hit ENTER again and you get access to the boot menu file in gedit.

The default boot entry is defined by the default value. Change this value to reflect which OS you want to boot up automatically. The default value is 0, which means that the first entry in the list (in this case Ubuntu) will be loaded automatically. If you want to change it so that Windows XP loads by default, change the value to 4 (because here XP is the fifth item in the list and the numbering system starts at 0). You can also increase the boot menu timeout by changing the value of timeout from the default 10 to something else. Save to commit the changes.

as mentioned above - sabayons installer gives you the option to choose this from inside its installer GUI.

For completeness/curiosities sake, from everything Ive read, there doesnt seem an easy way to have xps bootloader launch ubuntu, as listed in the vista install. If its just the one windows OS you have on there, theres really no need >> as opposed to the 2 step process to get to XP from the grub>vista loader example.

Someone wanting to do a concurrent Server 2003 install was asking me if GRUB would list it separately to XP. Can anyone verify this or give instructions how? (ie. if server 2003 doesnt appear on the list)


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