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14 Dec 2007

Coruscant Entertainment Center

Vtoraya Popytka (Second Chance)

After TSL: Everyone deserves a second chance, but are you willing to pay the price for it?

The story needs editing, but hey, has anyone who comes before my pen escaped that? It flows well, with only a few eddies such as overclocked, which just caused me to hit a speed bump. Not complaining, after consideration it made sense.

The idea was intriguing. Like Tys I was frustrated that I couldnít redeem the character. Maybe my version where she jumps to her own death was because I was unwilling to go where Tys will.

Ho, Ho, Hanharr!

No specific timing: Hanharr as Santa?

I usually lambaste people when they do holiday stuff. But I canít, itís just too silly. Having seen what mall Santaís go through however, I just pictured this happening, and began to chuckle. Having the punk clean up the mess was a perfect scene and being called the best Santa choice.

The first Pick of the week.

Light side Female Revan:

Stolen - part 1

Approx four years after KOTOR: Revan and her family return to the temple.

The work needs some editing, some word usage mainly (Faced instead of face). All in all a good work though short.

Kirabaros made excellent comments mirroring what I would have said, so I will not repeat it. Please, continue.

Dark side Male Revan:

Love's Final Redemption Part 1

Third alternate ending of KOTOR: The collapse of a dream.

Like her previous work this is a thought-provoking piece. The biggest problem I had in my own work in this genre was how to reconcile love when you were on opposite sides. I played the game both dark and light side and this had been the same turning point for my dark side character.

A pick of the week.

Shadow's Kiss Chapter 1: Fallen Passion

End of KOTOR: The real reason Darth Revan fell the second time.

There are stories you just have to read, and this as far as I am concerned is one of them. Another author who makes me wish I had the time to read everythingÖ.

Another pick of the week.

As an aside; When I first started doing these back in October of 2005, I just posted them on SWK and Lucasforums. After a while I suddenly realized that I had failed to let the writerís themselves know that I had. There is some excellent work I commented on that never got the chance to get a pick of the week, or pick of the best.

So every time I find a writer that I have slighted in this manner, I will repost that original review with the hyperlinks I use now, to make up for it. First is;

Of Droids and meatbags- The Tale of HK47.
Yano Upav

Pre KOTOR: The story of Revanís ascent from the view of his bodyguard droid.

Well written, and the viewpoint is superb. Yano gets into the circuits of HK, and through them you see the people around him. The Ďdeath and destructioní view of HK works well in the fleet action, which ends the first posting, and makes me want to read more.

Was expanded into three listed so far. By all means go back and look at this gem.

Reprise Pick of the week.

The Code

After KOTOR: A young Sith learns how to use the code for her own benefit; and how Revan is using it.

I sat for five minutes after reading this. I honestly didnít know what to say or think. It was like waking up in the morning, those first moments where you arenít really sure of where you are or why.

Rift caught me, dragged me in, and made me not only care about the characters created, but made the changes in the other main KOTOR characters fit the mold and did it well. I canít say enough good things about this.

A pick of the week.

Tinuviel Undomiel

PreKOTOR AU: With the attempt to capture Revan a failure, Bastila is now a prisoner.

I had just finished Riftís work above and pretty much expected that nothing else could be as good.

Boy was I wrong.

The Alternate Universe version stunned me with the writerís depth. As much as Bastila claims she will never give in, I wonderÖ

A pick of the week.

An Inevitable Causality

20 years after KOTOR: A final inevitable confrontation.

The story is well done, events sketched in to subtly set the scene. The denouement was excellent, and like the other reviewers, Iíd like to see more of this authorís work.

A pick of the week.


PreKOTOR: Revan sets a trap for the JediÖ

The set up is good, the story well done. The background into the plans follows a well designed path.

A pick of the week.

Some Kind of Chaos: Part 1
Darth Searus

No specific era given: A worrisome student enters the order.

The story is well written. The primary problem I have is with cross breeding three different alien species, but thatís just a personal foible.

The Dark Lord
Dark Lord Shady

KOTOR after Star Forge: Revan is willing to bring Bastila in on his secret.

A well done if Generic ending with a surprise twist. Please, continue.

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