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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
How about surplanting one distro for another. Say I dont want to play with ubuntu anymore and replace with sabayon....

Would it be
From Vista >> remove the ubuntu entry from easy bcd and reformat the partitions from either disk management or through the sabayon partition manager itself?
I personally do it all during the install process, and usually I do not recreate the partitions, I just tell the partitioner/installer to format the partition, and to mount it as root fs.

I know its not the most popular distro, but bravo sabayon for things like that to make life easier for the lesser experienced in affairs linux.
SuSE's YAST, for instance, offers this for years now

There is also a project called startupmanager, which is pretty good, I think. (available also for Ubuntu, Debian, source, w/e)

If you want to make XP your default/first boot option >>
In Ubuntu you can also tweak the GRUB bootloader settings. To do this you need to bring up the *blegh* Terminal window (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) and type the following into the window:

sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst
Alternatively, right click on the (GNOME) desktop, select "create launcher", in the following small dialog enter a name, and as command enter sudo gedit %U, chose an icon, click close, there you go, an editor with root rights -- for like ever. Also you might want to edit your username into /etc/sudoers if you do not want to type the root password every goddamn time you type sudo or use that launcher.

Or, install startupmanager and use that one.

However, be careful, and use a "normal" editor where you mustn't do otherwise. Also, be aware that a "passwordless" sudo means that user (when logged in) has unconditional root access, without any security barriers (do not use in a production environment XD).

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