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"That's a Mandalorian soldier. No doubt some sort of patrol" Frall said without looking at the Mandalorian more than what he could see with the corner of his eye. He looked at Ace getting ready to draw his pistol and with the force moved the strap back on with a smirk.
"The smuggler way is not the way out of this. They're no doubt looking for smugglers or bounty hunters. They are plenty around here" the jedi noted and took his comm, contacting his fellow jedi inside the house when he noticed a lot more Mandalorians nearby.
"Get out of the house. No matter how you gt out or where you go. Just get out of the house and go into hiding. Now. I'll contact you when I need you to resurface" he said and pushed Ace and Deitra further into the alleyway.

"We need to get going. Now" the Cathar said, removing his robes and stashing them behind a large metal crate where it was dark enough that even the white robes didn't shine though noticeably. The light brown tunic was now the only thing covering his hairy body as he rushed them further down the alleyway. The man was armed to the teeth it seemed with a vibroblade in his boot, a lightsaber and a blaster on his belt as well as his muscular arms

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