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This was the text book example of not good, Mirar thought as he saw one in the trio reach for a blaster. His plan had been simple, walk in roughly the same direction as the trio looking bussy untill the soldiers passed before going back to "watching" the place.

Now, for the first time in his life, he hoped those guards would hurry getting here before he ended up as wormfood. He didn't see any of the others reach for their weapons though, maybe this would end alright after all.

"How long till the guards show up?" That was when the big one started moving while removing his cloack revealing a nice section of weapons, including a lightsaber. Thinking of his probable death after a close encounter with the trio, he looked for somewhere to busy himself.

"You should see them any sec now, you better be busy unless you want to see proof of an afterlife"

Then again, probable death was better than certain. Grabing his pea shooter he gave chase.

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