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Originally Posted by Uilleand
Yes...yes it is...


If...if...(sends out prayers to the heavens and all who might be watching...) KotOR III is on the way....the potential is staggering...

And, while I really, REALLY don't believe that ME is some kind of 'test run' for a KotOR...I *do* see little bits of Jade Empire in ME...certain movements, even certain sound files. (Spooky music in some places is similar to the music in JE's graveyards)...

Oh...and I certainly won't be playing any MMOs...unless they're run on a sort of NWN kind of scale...I love my games and my stories, and I adore most of the people I yak with on boards like this...but nothing, *nothing* could compel me to interact with most of the brain-dead yokels that I've encountered in MMOs...*shudder*
I almost died laughing in ME when we're on Noveria and you have to intiate a neutron purge and the computer asks you for a code to initiate it and you can choose mumble something and your PC goes "7 9er semper *cough*

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