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[Image of a medium quality power supply]
500w CoolMax ATX PSU
$40 off NewEgg

Now I can use my 7900GS KO on my main computer friggin' finally, thinking of getting a new $130-180 CPU within the next few weeks then a 8600 or maybe a 8800 - expecting a lot of Xmas money.

$30 at Best Buy

Oh yeah, you bet! I played SH3 a year or so ago and it was some of the best fun I've had. It really sucks you in, sure- it's incredibly complicated at the beginning even with more of the assistance turned on, it's still a boat submarine load of fun.

Also, I played the Rock Band demo today (I already have the game, though) and tried the Strat controller... it's freaking horrible. Feels cheap and fragile. The buttons are a little too large, get accidentally hit all the time because they fall off the edges. The whammy bar is in a weird position. The tilt function didn't work for me. It just felt wrong, I'd rather use the SG than that piece of crap.

I finished my first mission of SH4... Well, I thought I did but was then told to patrol somewhere else so I decided to call it a night... at 1:45am... It took me from around 10:30pm to 1:45am... It was a lot of fun though. I sank a lot of Japanese fishing boats with my cannon. Destroyed a freighter with one torp, it took around 30 minutes for it to sink, though. And had to deliver a spy to a Japanese town by dropping him off in a life raft in 30 foot deep water... mere feet from the bottom with rocks.

But anyway, a lot of fun, the water looks great, above and under. Hunting is a lot of fun, and I'm glad you can time compress all the way to 8192x, SH3 had a max of around 1024x I think, and it doesn't lag when changing the time.
Only disappointment is that the explosions look a little bleh. They look big and all, but it's like the explosions are going through a sort of filter that make it look compressed and muddy. And game run at 30-35 fps at max settings @ 1024x1280.

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