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Some more Tri-Sli Madness

Triple 8800GTX Ultra - pwnz at HD and UHD, kills million trees in process

even though its a recent article - they omit using crysis in the benchies though

Also used a 1.1KW PSU - averaging at 750-800w at default settings

Just freakin ridiculous IMO. I love the idea of HD/UHD hi -performance gaming, but this is a *far from efficient* and *freakishly expensive* way of doing it. Most people would simply be better off getting 360/PS3 to experience HD gaming in the interim.

Hopefully the next gen of GPUs from the big 2 will at least achieve the same result from 'plain ole SLI' rather than teh excessive tr-sli. Ideally, we'd all liek that typ of performace from *one card*. It'll happen one day im sure - dont know when though...

Loved seeing the CPU ceiling effect on clear display in those snazzily presented benchies


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