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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
Heres one for the 'mind boggling' category....

3D Surrounding Gate Transistor Technology could clock 50Ghz

Sure its just R&D phase, but the potential for such a thing.... incorporate that design into a fusion CnGPU type chip and the days of discrete video cards will be over.

One day, Im sure we'll look back and laugh, "do you remember when we used to get excited over those monstrously cumbersome graphics cards!"

Very interesting stuff Astro, higher clocks would definitely be nice as it seems to be a hurdle for both CPUs and GPUs nowadays...With Intel focusing a bit more on Ray-Tracing and AMD looking into Fusion processors and such it does look like the days of "zomg this card doesn't fit my case" or "zomg my crappy PSU isn't good enough for this GPU" might be over...

Talking about the Fusion though:
AMD unveils a lot of their upcoming new technologies @ AMD analyst day

An extremely interesting read, and considering the slow year they've just had, if they can even pull off half of these in the next 12-18 months they might be back in the race, though I fear it could turn out to be another "AMD invents it, Intel perfects it" debacle if they don't start focusing on the immediate market as well...Demand is certainly out there, as Intel seems to be focusing on tweaks and die-shrinks mainly, AMD is going tabula rasa to bring us loads of new technologies...Will the gamble pay off? Is this just a temporary setback as the prepare to annihilate Intel a la P4 massacre?
I sure as hell hope so

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