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not sure if I mentioned this before DynDNS offers some great services for static and dynamic IPs.

Not sure what it is ? Let me give an example of what I used it for.

*I assigned my mediacenter pc a static (internal) IP, via networking properties
*I then set up a dyndns account and installed the dyndns service on that pc.
*It then maps the external IP for that pc to some easy to remember words you chose eg. >>> so anywhere on the web, when you type in that it allows you to access that pc directly. If you mab a web server proggie or app to a particular port in your router, it will give you direct access to that

great for things like >
>remote access/control of pc. in a media center context I used webguide to schedule recordings, access my music from overseas etc !
>remote access/control of utorrent. check how its all going/add torrents from anywhere on the web

Please note, there are some modem/routers which have this service built into them, but for those that dont, this(and there are similar others) are a great option.


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