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Tysyacha's suddenly-wobbling knees buckled underneath her. She hadn't been prepared for such an admission. Revan himself? He was a servant of Light now according to the Jedi and their near-flawless archives, plus a heavy dose of rumor. However, during the Mandalorian Wars, Revan had been a Sith and a monster. How could this mechanic have survived, unless he was not there during that final battle?

"How did you survive?", whispered the Exile. "Were you not at Malapyatiy--?! She blushed for a split second and cleared her throat. "Malapyatiy. Malachor V. It's my own personal shorthand for that planet--my personal shorthand for horror. Your loyalty to Revan must have been without question. Otherwise you would have died, like I would have if I had not severed my ties to the Force. Please--tell me." Her lips, quivering halfway like a child's and halfway like a woman's, were open, panting.
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