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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
On some forums it is a requirement for mods and admins to reply to private messages. This is done so to foster good relations with the members and so that they are seen to be more than just someone to swing the banhammer around, they are seen to actually have an interest in the forum and helping run it smoothly. Should a similar policy be brought in here? Helping people with their issues is part of the job and ignoring them can sour relations between members and those who run the forum.
I can only speak for myself, but I generally reply to any PMs I get that I have a response to. Sometimes it may take a while if I am busy or receive many PMs, and sometimes I may forget about it if I have a lot on my mind when I receive it and don't have time to respond immediately.

Keep in mind however that all staff members here are unpaid volunteers who help out with the forums in their free time. Since this is a hobby you can't always expect to get a response within a day or two, especially at times like around Christmas when people may have a lot going on in their lives and keeping up with the forums daily may come low on the priority list.

I'm sure most people here will be willing to take the time to help out if someone PMs them in a civil manner with questions and requests (within reason) as it is. I fail to see what the gain would be to formally require it.

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