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yup that might have been meh i had a name change... and you really shouldnt go running around telling people how to do it, thats y the ps2 version is so screwy, i let the method go public by accident (i was the first battlefront 2 cheater/hacker). it was originally developed in [RAPTOR] but since they r a gey clan i went on and created {VA}. {VA} has operations in both PC and PS2 versions, primary being PS2. if you want to see it in action, join my server, its the only VA server up. and i assure you, teleportation is real, as is heros spawning in cantina, flying wookies, rapid fire, and ships that can fly through anything without taking damage. if you would like to join with the possibility of learning some decent hacks/cheats (not the nooby infinite health/energy, anyone can do those, but things like teleport and rapid fire) go to and register. for the rest of you, take a visit to my server which is usually up on weekends, sometimes weekdays.

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