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"Damned... That's exactly what I hoped would not happen" Frall grunted as he noticed the soldier running after them. He led Ace and Deitra towards the landing pads where also many warehouses were situated. That would be the perfect place to ambush the soldier in. They ran and ran, Frall knowing that they could lose the soldier just as well with using the force, but the problem being that Ace was there as well.
"Slip in through that door" Frall said and pointed at a slightly open warehouse door. He waited outside while they went in and looked for the soldier coming. Once he was sure the soldier had noticed him, he slipped inside the warehouse as well, but instead of running across the warehouse or something like that, he pressed against the wall and took out his lightsaber. He backed away enough that if he extended his arms towards the opening, he would still stay hidden and then waited with his arm and lightsaber raised to the point at where he thought the soldier's head would pop through.

The Cathar had no intentions of killing the soldier, but seeing a lightsaber pointed at your head sure wasn't too much of a comfortable sight, even if it were turned off. Frall waited silently, wishing his plan would work like he planned it. Nonetheless, he had his lightsaber out, which would possibly enable him to activate it and counter a blaster bolt swiftly enough so he wouldn't die in the attempt.

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