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Originally Posted by natrat29
the bf1 loading screen is mad!!!
Jedi shouldnt be in it. battlefront is all about the troopers. If you love jedi there are loads of other starwars games that are just based on jedi e.g jedi outkast.
customization is good but why waste the space when the creators could make stuff like the ground to space battles. more maps. more people on maps. unlocks. riding creatues. more commands. more different heroes(even though i still dislike being a hero).
Oh by the way deathclone. if you keep losing when your playing as the clones on kashyyyk then obviously you need more skill with a trooper!!!
totally agree with you 100%
i mean.... thats really the whole point customization is bad right?
because it will take up room.
yes the swbf1 loading screen should totally come back cuz bf 2 loadscreen sucked.
death clone.... no one really appreciates you....... sorry.....
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