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"This is madnes" Mirar thought as he folowed the trio.
"As soon as they realize I'm alone, I'll end up painting the entire street red"
He hadn't called for backup yet, afraid of what would happen if they discovered he had been lazing. Now however, he was worried that others had seen the trio and would punish him for not rewuesting backup.

"Requesting backup to cordinates 33,78, I'm chasing three people at least one who is a jedi"

"Couple of squads only a few clicks away, deathwatch on standby should things go out of controll. Seems like you found the cristmas tree shakers"

"I'll update their possitions every few minutes, see ya"

Seeing the biggy enter a warehouse, he was about to folow, but thought better of it and instead lobbed a couple of grenades.
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