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You know, as I walk through the valley of the shadow of spam I thought to myself: how, exactly, did Trex fit inside of a tomcat's cockpit? Then I realized my mistake. It seems trivial now, but at the time I was scratching my head for fear it would explode with the effort of thinking about the problem. My mistake was: the tomcat wasn't actually a tomcat. Instead, it is a spacecraft created by the Clown Confederation to bring about the KT Boundary early. Of course, early in this context was a Really, Really Long Time Ago. The CC clearly gave Trex - a creature not known for his moral actions - the power to enforce his will over the herd of Triceratops, and thus over the world. The twin 655kt nuclear devices strapped to the wings helped, too. 655kt--->KT boundary, get it? hah! Only a few flights and reloads helpfully provided by the ground crew would pretty much set Earth on the path to the Stone Age. We all know how that particular episode turned out, don't we? So, we have fond Truth: the world as we know it exists because of a bevy of ancient Communistic Clowns intent on turning the advanced civilization of Trex into a nuclear hellhole whose result would be the development of Man!

Due to this new information, we have to interrogate everyone suspected of being Clowns - communist or not - to gain access to the advanced technology they have saved from the era of Trex!!!!!!! who knows what sort of secret plans they have for US!!
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