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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Path to Exile, Chapter1
Mithran Star

PreKOTOR: What caused the Exile to go to war?

The only negative I have about this piece is it is very short. The background could have been laid out in more detail, but it’s good so far.

Destiny's Shadow: Prologue

PreKOTOR: Aboard Revan’s flagship, two old friends must decide what they will do…

Last week I had one of those ‘god where has this kid been hiding’ epiphanies when I read Rift’s ‘The Code’. Nice to start off this week by being hit right between the eyes with one of them this week.

The style is well done, well portrayed, and the background fleshed out. Another of those I don’t have time to read all the way through blast it!

The first pick of this new week.

Remnants, Prologue

The Unnamed Planet: Zaalbar reflects on his downfall.

In the dark side ending, there is one point where you are definitely going to kill Mission. But you get more ‘bad guy’ points if you make Zaalbar do it. It was one of the scenes that bothered me most in the game, primarily because I would hope a person would not stoop low enough to use honor to order someone to violate their nature.

I trhink that is why this story hit me so hard. I can feel Zaalbar’s pain, and know that nothing he does will ever let him atone in his own mind.

A pick of the week.

Who We Were
Revans Pet Duck

After Malachor V: The Exile feels his loss.

Some word usage problems, ‘in’ instead of ‘into’, ‘you’ instead of ‘you’re’. An editing problem more than anything else.

The story is interesting, and the situation a stock battle. Worth a glance.

The Fall of Malak.
Slave 1

PreKOTOR: The voice of reason, from the last person you would expect…

This was a stunning tour de force. The character we hate so much suddenly becoming not only the voice of reason but the defender of the Republic. Excellent work!

A pick of the week.

Ancient Shadows

Post TSL: The exile meets Revan in the Unknown Region.

The piece is short, the end well considered and formulated. Well worth a look.

Darkness Overwhelming, Part I
Gaius Andronicus

Specific period within KOTOR not given: Revan finds his feet on the path to darkness.

A good first part, albeit short, enough to make you want to read more.

The only problem I had was is it Revan at the Star Forge, or out in the Unknown Regions, or within his own mind…

Chapter 1 – Eye Witness

End of KOTOR: As the Dark Lord gives his first speech, another ‘old friend’ plots revenge.

The piece is too short to get a good grip on the style, but the piece is only chapter one. So if you get the chance…

Too Close a Shave

Pre KOTOR: An explanation of an injury…

This was short and cute in it’s own way. They have a story challenge over at Lucasforums right now that is based on this.

I would have voted for this one if it had been posted.

Confrontation, Both New and Old

PreKOTOR: Why did Revan fall?

Some word usage problems, and cumbersome sentences but that is primarily a polishing problem.

The story itself was great. The basic premise very intriguing and thought provoking. Well worth the read.

Dark Galaxies (Chapter One)

PostKOTOR: In a galaxy controlled by the Sith, something hunts the darkness.

The story is nice and dark with the shiver of violence hidden in it. The killer stands partially revealed at the end, and I for one wish I had time to read the entire thing.

Pick of the Week.

After the Blackbird Sings: Chapter One: A Proposition

Beginning of KOTOR: Sometimes Carth can be such a hick…

While defined as AU, I felt the additional character fit and actually made the scene flow better. Another one of those I wish I could read all the way through.

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