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[K1] Playable Echani

Well, I've finally finished these characters, and they're available at DeadlyStream (or File Front if it ever comes back).

Why do I have to be such a perfectionist? I had a few problems when I found out that some of the head models don't have goggle or mask hooks (so head gear is invisible when you equip them). I tried like mad with several different ways to fix it, but no luck. In the end, I decided to just release them as-is (maybe a solution will present itself in the future).

Other than that, my time was spent on getting the tattoos looking right, and fixing the mdl files' uvw maps so that the hair wasn't so piecemeal, but more flowing (especially the 3rd female). I also took some time to make the underwear textures a little more defined, and athletic, since the Echani are notorious for training. Hopefully you can see the differece in the female's abs. What's not obvious from the screen shots is that I've given them a little baremetal shine to their hair and eyes, since Echani are supposed to have silvery grey hair and silvery blue eyes. I tried to make the hair subtle, and the irises stand out.

As for the Echani Mercenaries on Manaan, they will now have the normal head of the 1st Male, and the back up head of the 2nd (with the beard). I also gave them Echani Light Armor instead of a smuggler's outfit. They're Mercenaries after all!

So, here are some screen shots:

Hopefully you will enjoy these playable characters. Please feel free to let me know what you think, and any suggestions that I could use for future PC mods.

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