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Originally Posted by Negative Sun
It certainly starts to look interesting when you see that Intel is struggling with their vaunted 45nm chips: Clicky
It might give AMD a chance to catch their breaths and catch up in the retail side of things whilst getting on with their own 45nm development...
Oi! That Inquirer article on the "issues" with Intel's 45 nm manufacturing was a rather annoying read.
"Oh noez, something is going wrong with Intel's 45 nm process but we don't have anything to back this up other than one of their Penryn processors isn't really available for purchase anywhere!" Ridiculous reporting, even if it turns out that Intel is having significant problems with producing 45 nm chips in volume. I don't think I'll bother with reading any more articles from The Inquirer. Their reporting doesn't measure up to the standards I expect.

In other news, DailyTech has an article sourced from MadBoxPC, a Spanish-language website, detailing AMD's new entry-level and mid-range cards that are supposed to launch in January. Nothing in this news that gets me excited since I'm interested in upper end graphics cards but I guess it's a matter of wait-and-see how AMD's graphics strategy works out for them over the next year.

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