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Thumbs up Darth Groovy's Top Ten Video Games of 2007!

Everyone loves lists. I usually do this once a year, but I forgot to last year.

I will keep it as simple as possible, and then you can all put your comments and lists of your own as well.

1. Bioshock - Should I use fire, or electricity? Search bodies for money!

2. Assassin's Creed - Lived up to the hype, and impressed me with originality.

3. Orange Box - The greatest FPS of all time, packaged with new stuff!

4. NHL 08 - Damn if EA doesn't make the best Hockey game ever... EVER!

5. Tomb Raider Anniversary - The acrobatics, and graphics make it feel new!

6. Rock Band - This fake music game makes me feel like a rock star!

7. Call of Duty 4 - Best action FPS on a console ever. Maximum replay

8. The Darkness - Ever wanted to be the bad guy? Use The Darkness!

9. Contra 4 - One game worthy of owning a DS. Who doesn't love Contra?

10. God of War 2 - It's a bitch, but still fun to play...even the second time!
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