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Pre-Holiday Update

Alright, it's been awhile, but I've been busy working on stuff. I've finally released my PC Echani mod, and I've started a few others at the same time. Many of theses are still really early, and need more work. I'm putting my Miraluka on hold for a while, until I can figure out how to get goggle and mask hooks into the .mdl files.

Here are some new weapons, with some more to come. I'm also trying to make Gurke actually look like the ringleader of a gang, with a giant axe. I've had some trouble getting his appearance to work, but I got lucky today. His texture still needs a LOT of work. I started trying to make a playable Gamorrean character, but the .mdl is just too simple, and I couldn't get it to work . I'll probably have to modify an existing armor and head model which will take a long time .

Of course, I will continue to make new playable characters based on my Species Specific Feats mod. Some that I've started on are a Cathar female, and a Tusken male. I really don't think that Juhani is the most catlike looking character I've ever seen, so I'm going to try and make mine look like the "Lion Man" that was seen in the Star Wars Holiday Special. I've never seen that show myself, but it's the only photo of a Cathar that I've seen. All the others have been in the comics or games. She's still really early, and I'm definately going to add stripes or spots later on. If anyone has any input as to how well the model is looking so far, please let me know. If I can get the style of the mouth, nose, and ears right, then I think I'll do 6 to 10 PCs. What can I say, I like cat people.
Same thing for the Tusken. His jedi robe model is looking good so far (smaller face mask pipes, no back pack), but I've still got to iron out the textures. I'm trying to set it up so that it will be really easy to convert an existing robe.tga to fit this one. Any suggestions, please share them.

I'll be away from my computer for the Holidays, so I probably won't be able to reply to any posts until next week. Please do leave some constructive critiques, since other people's points of view can really help me.

Happy Holidays

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