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1. Call of Duty 4 -I think this one > Halo 3, it's just more fun!!!

2. GRAW 2 -Fun in both single player and multiplayer, sharp graphics, fun use of cross-com

3. Halo 3 - cooperative campaign mode was fun and the movie playback made it worth standing in line on release date (first game i actually stood in line for on release!!!)

4. Guitar Hero 3 -too damn addicting. good playlist

5. Rock Band -only played it once on the in-store kiosk when it first came out. very fun, also good playlist...lots of features.

i can't really list the others, but from what ones i've played this year that came out in last quarter of 2007

Splinter Cell: Double Agent -best game in the series, larger areas, very hard decisions to make, it's just tough to play as a bad guy in it...the graphics are amazing compared to the originals, but the gameplay feels deeper.

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