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Chapter 6
First Battle

Mike pulled out his arrow and bow ready to fight.

"Back of Mike" said Becca pushing him back slowly. "This is between, me, Jamie and those two scoundrels!" Mike hesitated but took his step back reluctantly.

Becca and Jamie stood forward whipping out their weapons. Becca's sword glinted under the sun and Jamie's cutlass looked sharper than before.

Leroy and Emma stood their motionless and suddenly shouted.

"You have not seen our true power yet! Leroy! Emma! Dark Force!" Suddenly everything went pitch black. A fading white light surrounded Emma and Leroy. Suddenly there cloaks wisped around them and hooded them, shadows covering half of their faces. Their eyes beamed red and they whipped out two long swords. They looked awfully evil. Suddenly the blackness left and the real world returned.

The two mysterious figures stood back.

"Well we know who's on what side then" the smaller one laughed.
"Let's get out of here, whoever wins will find us" smirked the tall one. They disappeared quickly. Nobody even noticed them.

Jamie was full of rage. He took one giant step forward swinging his cutlass hard. It clattered against Leroy’s which made his own shake. Leroy jumped up at great height and came down sword face. Jamie stepped backwards and then swung forwards aiming for Leroy's stomach.

It looked like Leroy was going to be sliced in half but in his mid flight he swung a leg out that kicked Jamie right in the face and he stumbled back holding his jaw.

"Jamie block away the pain or you know what will happen!" Jamie tried to hold it in, but a tear tricked and his silver boy vanished and he was back to his normal mode. Making him the vulnerable one.

"Got you now Jamie! Time to finish you off!" Leroy seemed like he was enjoying this. He loved it. Jamie sprawled against a rock cliff with no arms. Leroy pulled his arm back, about to swing in and kill Jamie when he was kicked in the side by Becca. Leroy fell over in pain.

"Only I kick Jamie!" Then Emma came into action and took a swing at Becca. She ducked with speed. While crouched she picked up Jamie' cutlass.

Now she had two against one. She did have two weapons however.

"Single Steel Power!" screamed Becca with rage. Her left arm seemed to glow extra shiny and it blasted into Emma's face making her fall backwards. She dropped her sword and it tumbled down the cliff to what seemed a bottomless fall. She was hanging onto the edge.

Becca had taken her eye of Leroy and he grabbed her and pushed her to the ground beside Jamie.

"I have both of you where I want you. Emma returned to her normal self and so did Becca.

Leroy focused himself and shouted.

"Dark For- Ahhh!" he screamed and fell onto his side clutching his leg. He returned to his normal mode. A large quoit was in his leg. Mike looked around carefully. He had been staying out of harm’s way. Then he found the saviour. He gasped.

"No one hurts my friends" sneered Cory walking with a limp towards Emma, who as hanging of the cliff, and Leroy on the floor in pain.

Cory waddled over, and stood on Emma's hand. She let go with pain and fell. He watched her fall helplessly screaming. She landed on a small area of rock pointing out on the side of the mountain. She was unconscious.

Leroy jumped up, wincing at the pain. He dived for Cory, but Jamie was up and grabbed him and pushed him. He landed in the area on top of Emma.

"They'll live" sighed Becca disappointed.

Mike stared at Cory mouth open. He turned round and walked on. So did everyone else. They all walked, and they walked on through the mountain track.

It seemed to be twirling up, like a high staircase. It started to get cold, and they could see snow. For a moment they all had a break. They sat on the edge and looked below. Many miles away, was a larger range of mountains.

They looked below again. Many mountains with streamlined rivers and waterfalls came falling down. Them it was a beautiful site. Below, there was a road, down on the ground. A horse and cart rolled boy. It was lovely.

"Aaah!" shouted a voice from over head.
"Dont kill me..."

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