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Originally Posted by redrob41
I think that there is a Mullet Man Echani already included in the Holowan Plug-in, and the only other I've seen is a Female with the really short, spiky hair. I tried to make mine so that they wouldn't duplicate those mods (the more Echani, the merrier )

Thanks for asking. I'll say "go for it", all I ask is that you credit me in your read-me file.

Thanks, I worked really hard on the tattoos, but most of the veiny areas were modified from other PC heads that came with the game. After all, I wanted my characters to be similar to those in the game.

You got it. Check out my signature area for my other released mods. I've also got a whole bunch of new ones I'm working on in the Work in Progress.
of course, i do always add anyone who helped me in the readme file, with a small notice, about what they helped with

in our modpack, we are not stealing mods, we make mods compatible with each other, and the mods we create
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