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1. Portal - It may be short, but it's packed full of goodness.
2. Tomb Raider Anniversary - Simply brilliant remake of the original.
3. Halo 3 - Managed to avoid all the spoilers, so I nearly had a heart attack when...
I thought Master Chief was dead. Biggest sigh of relief ever.

3. Mass Effect - A sci-fi lovers dream game.
4. Super Stardust HD - Old school blasting fun downloadable on PS3.
5. Flow - A surreal underwater abyss also downloadable on PS3.
6. Lego Star Wars TCS - Lego and Star Wars, the perfect combination.
7. WoW The Burning Crusade - I love it and hate it equally.

Naruto Rise of the Ninja and Super Mario Galaxy are waiting to be opened Christmas day, and although they are presents for my daughters, I'm guessing they would be on the list too.

My GOTY - Portal

A game that manages to get the little grey cells active, if only for a few hours. It has a great sense of humour attached to it. I haven't laughed at a game since No One Lives Forever 2. The puzzles are just the right difficulty level as you progress, and the ending is perfect. I wish there were more ingenious games like this around. Oh and best end game song ever!

Being human totally sucks most of the time.
Videogames are the only thing that
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- Anorak's Almanac, Chapter 91, Verses 1-2
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