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Originally Posted by ~Brain.Wav`
That's what I figured it would be too, but I've recolored pretty much everything on the texture. Maybe I missed some little bit... The feather, though, I know isn't on that texture.
The texture file for Ling's dangly stuff is p_lingx01. Wu similarly has p_blossomx01 for her dangly stuff. My suspicion is that the "x" suffix is Official Lingo for "dangly stuff texture".

Originally Posted by Negative Sun
I'm trying to finish the Lord Lao sub-quest but I'm playing in Jade Master mode and I can't adjust the flyer difficulty and that last flyer mission from Kang is absolute bollocks!
I get pwnd in like less than 10 seconds every time!!!

Can anyone help me with a custom cheat or some way to unlock the difficulty for the flyer mission alone or something like that?
diffmodify.2da contains the multipliers to damage taken and dished out at each difficulty level, as well as odds of power ups and enemy aggressiveness and stuff. Note, as far as I know changes will effect the whole game, not just flyer stages (likely exception being whatever the "minigame" column does).


Now, to the primary purpose of this post: To introduce (and elicit testing of) my Big Gay Romance Fix.

This mod endeavors to fix the problems with the romantic climaxes for same-sex couples in Jade Empire. First and foremost, it makes the kiss scene play in its entirety (as demonstrated above). Secondly, a few of the more senseless gender conditionals in the dialog preceding the kiss are removed. For example, Silk Fox will vocally insist on a kiss regardless of her lover's gender (previously she only did this for male PCs), and male player characters may vocally insist on a kiss from Sky (previously only an option for female PCs).

So far I've only had the opportunity to test the fixes for Silk Fox. Indeed meaning that THE FIXES FOR SKY ARE COMPLETELY UNTESTED. That warning given, I would appreciate someone trying them out to see if they work, as Sky's kiss dialog was a bit trickier than Lian's ("Oh, hey, a branch that ends the scene early if the the kiss is same sex." *delete*).

Download here
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