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Originally Posted by Lady Jedi
What the flip does it matter? The movie was well played, and far more enjoyable than I was expecting. This really doesn't need to turn into some atheist/Christian debate. It's a movie. Suck it up if you can't handle the mention of God. I know that I'd have sucked it up and not griped to everyone if it'd been Satan mentioned.
If I may, Lady Jedi, we are not debating the virtues of theism or atheism here. Instead we're discussing the portrayal of religion in the film and trying to clarify why agnostics or atheists may find it discomforting.

I know it does seem that the topic gets brought up far more often than expected on these boards, but surely you'd agree that it is a valid subject when describing why or why not someone enjoyed the movie. Personally I enjoyed the movie and was not bothered by this aspect as much as some others I know. When The Seeker made mention of this, I chose to specify one of the objections I had heard.

@Achilles: Ah that's right. Thanks for reminding me.

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