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Schattenlander - The Darklands

Leipzig was a huge, sprawling city, one of the greatest in the Holy Roman Empire, with sprawling structures, the massive cathedrals and great manors making a skyline that was a marvel to see, particularly at sunset. To many, it represented a show of the strength of the Holy Roman Empire, a vision of Christendom.

To William, it represented home. He had arrived two days previous - the roads were hazardous enough, even in this more civilized day, that it was best to leave early, although sometimes it resulted in long waits. But it was pleasant not to spend a day tracking a group of deer through the forests for his daily bread. Some might call it slothful, but his days bringing down deer and boar for finely-dressed nobles hardly lined his purse with enough to save.

He'd been setting spare pfennigs aside since before he had left. Fortunately, the Rosengarten wasn't particularly expensive. He had gotten what he had paid for, for eight pfennigs a night. At an inn for the more well-heeled, he might be paying ten times as much. He shook his head as he drank another mouthful of the bitter ale. They weren't much of an improvement anyway, the rats just tended to be more numerous in cheap inns.

Still, despite the rats and the odd stenches from the kitchen, his friends should be arriving soon. It wasn't unlike most of them to not pad their travel times properly for delays or detours - he hadn't even most of them for five years, and he hadn't seen any recently, for all he knew they'd been traveling from Jerusalem. That's not very likely, though.

He wasn't concerned about them not coming - they'd come. If they didn't, they were in serious trouble or dead. A pact isn't broken lightly, and he hadn't been a fool when it came to selecting friends.

He tilted back his glass of stout beer, letting the bitter fluid run down his throat, and leaned back in his chair. They'd be here, no doubt about that.
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