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Originally Posted by SilentScope001
The common guess of the ending of the KOTOR series is that the True Sith is going to get destroyed.
Common assumption, perhaps. However, I don't see *why* on Earth they have to be in K3. The "True Sith" were never, ever mentioned in K1, and they were only mentioned in TSL at the very end, by no other than Kreia. It just seems odd to me that after having a game series stick to the usual Sith Lords, we're going to throw in "True Sith", whoever they are. They have absolutely nothing to do with KOTOR, except for those three single lines at the very end of TSL.

Originally Posted by SilentScope001
And that's about it. Revan enters into the Unknown Regions. What happens to him? Well, I don't know if he will emerge from the Unknown Regions after destroying the True Sith (and then die of old age)...or if he will die during a battle with the True Sith and leave the destruction of the True Sith to The Exile and the third PC. But in the end, if the True Sith dies, does that footnote of what happens to Revan really matters in the end? The True Sith will be destroyed, the galaxy WILL be saved.
See above for the True Sith. However, as far as the characters go... TSL and KOTOR were so disconnected that I can't see them meshing both game's characters together like that in the end. This could be the big finale, but the problem is, it hasn't even built up to any kind of finale. KOTOR was a game in itself, and TSL just.... sort of... ended. But now everyone thinks we're going to go rush off to the "Unknown Regions" and kill the uber True Sith, who no one has ever heard of but now.

But nevermind, I don't mean to make a big deal about it. I just don't know how it will be done in a way that makes sense.

Originally Posted by SilentScope001
I just am a bit upset, after all. People wanting to know what happens to Revan, thereby calling on KOTOR 3 to come...but, from all my apperances, I see no reason to care about Revan...
Well, he was kinda the main character that KOTOR centered on, and TSL was loosely built upon. Although I think if you're going to have Revan, you should probably have the Exile. (or vice versa)

Or who knows, the Devs could make it into a totally independent game, and have each KOTOR be more of a standalone game that doesn't really need any of the other two in the series. I just think they'd miss out on opportunity for a strong storyline.

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