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Chapter 7
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The four heads looked up. On a rock edge high above, a familiar body was hanging off. Someone tall and cloaked stood over them. It looked like the tall one from earlier.

"Clifton.... why are you doing this?" the female voice screamed.
"Acting all serious now are we Jordan? Thought you was nuts? Well! Iím doing this for your own good! You are so nuts, you would kill yourself our here on your own, and what's worse? What if you died in pain? Dont worry I'll kill you painlessly. This is a favour!"

"You nipple head!" she screamed and kicked him in the balls. Then when she tried to get up she slipped and fell over the rock edge. She came tumbling down and everyone was dumbstruck. Cory was the first to actually think and ran out catching her. She was older than him, which meant heavier than scrawny Cory and he grabbed her.

With the weight, he walked around with loss of balance. Though he fell over, but at least Jordan was unhurt.

"It's you" she said laughing when she got up.
"Youíre the bread monster, bread monster!" she said giggling. "You eat the bread I eat!"

She looked at everyone else and pointed at them.

"So did you, and you, and you. Your all bread monsters, just like me. We eat bread. Then she went and hugged everyone.

"Can I join your bread eating group?" she asked smiling happily.
"Oh, we're a group travelling to Crystal City" blundered Mike.
"Same difference silly" she laughed and hit him on the back in a friendly gesture.

"You know" said Becca after they had walked three miles.
"Alot has happened today, and itís almost dark. Plus, that tall guy you called Clifton, was the same lot that tried to kill Emma, Leroy, me, Jamie and Mike."

"Huh?" mumbled Cory confused.
"You missed alot mate" laughed Mike.
"Oh" muttered Cory.

"Yeh, he never stopped leaving me alone. He's not bread monster. He's a murrrrrrderer!" shouted Jordan with ear popping levels.

Everyone laughed. She defiantly brightened up the group.
"Those two isnít bad apples. They just think they're right all the time. They are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooo paranoid about people being bad. They always think everyone is bad. They always think they're doing people favours. And stuff like that" she trailed off.

"THEY ALWAYS THINK THAT!" she screamed randomly. "They need a good kick up the bum, then we tell them they're always wrong, they good people and should be better of themselves! IF ANYONE GETS THAT!" she screamed.

Despite Jordan being funny and random. She made alot of sense. It was just hard to understand.

"So they're just a little paranoid?" Cory asked.
"Yeh" she smiled then looking at the floor for the next ten minutes.

"Iím going to go sleep now bye" she said randomly. She plonked down her bag, pulled out some sheets and fell asleep straight away. The rest took more time to prepare their beds, stayed away from the side of the cliff. If they rolled over, they would fall off.

It was night, and they slept on.

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