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Had the most fun with...

1. Assassin's Creed - It's like GTA with swords and horses and free running, tons of fun!

2. Call of Duty 4 - Ridicously fast action and beautiful graphics. Like a good action movie.

3. Rock Band - Even though I just play the guitar part, this game is a boat load of fun.

4. skate. - Sliky-smooth style and moves and complex tricks really make it a game to remember.

5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Extremely atmospheric and creepy. The graphics and sound really draw you in.

6. DiRT - Just how I like it, arcadey-realism on dirt with beautiful locales and cars. Finished career mode 100% and unlocked everything on Pro-Am.

7. The Orange Box - Episode 2 was just full of so many "HOLY SH~T!" moments, story and gameplay wise that I just totally loved it. Portal was pretty sweet, too.

8. Mass Effect - Huge scale, so much detail... Just great stuff.

9. Halo 3 - Just more of the same Halo, good stuff.

I'm going to leave it at 9 because I plan on getting Crysis within a week or so... and I'm pretty sure it's going high on my list. And yes; I left out BioShock... I just didn't enjoy it as much as apparently everyone else did.

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